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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories The Ghost of City Tavern The Spirit of the Old Hotel The Strange Goings-On at White Rock Lake The Haunting of The Hall The Dinner Ghosts  The Revelation of the Sage Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories

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Vicki Smart Penhall is a Dallas author with eight current publications: the first six books in the series of Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories, The Ghost of City Tavern, The Spirit of the Old Hotel, The Strange Goings-On at White Rock Lake, The Haunting of The Hall, The Dinner Ghosts, and The Revelation of The Sage, which are all based on real haunted locations in the north Texas area; a poetry-infused novel, Lies From The Past: A Viet Nam Tale ; and a new novella, Faulty Wiring, which are now available to purchase online! Click "Buy Now" below.


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