Faulty Wiring

Faulty Wiring1
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Is Galen Monroe a man on a divine mission, or simply a mentally deranged criminal? He is a homeless junkie whose domicile of choice is a cardboard box in an East Dallas alley. If the cops and shrinks would just leave him alone, he could slip into something more comfortable – like death.

But Galen also has qualities that reach into the spiritual dimension. When Quid the Runt invades the limited confines of his box, he turns Galen’s world upside down with his talk of eternal truths, heaven and hell, and secret missions. Galen discovers that he has supernatural gifts, including remote viewing and the ability to interact with transcendental beings, from guardian angels to ancient aliens.

In some other time and place, he might have been considered a holy man. How should we deal with those who evidently were created with faulty wiring?

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