Lady's Choice
Two Short Stories in One Book

Lady's Choice

We all make choices, but we cannot choose the consequences of those choices. Sometimes we, especially we ladies, make wrong choices for all the right reasons with calculated and predictable outcomes. However, it is the unforeseeable and unintended consequences that do us in. This book contains two short stories about choices that women made which impacted numerous lives in unimaginable ways.

For the Love of Caroline
This is fiction based on a true story involving a Mormon couple, Gil and Caroline Thorsen, who broke their Eternal Vows by ending their marriage and terminating the seal of Temple Marriage which would secure them as a family for time and eternity. The reason for the divorce was another man, Spencer Lipton, but not just any other man. Spencer was Gil’s best friend and business partner and had also made an everlasting choice. The results of all of their choices are confronted in the cockpit of a Cessna 150 with life-altering consequences, all For the Love of Caroline.

Thalia’s Release
When forty-one year old Thalia Simpson Bott was released from Danbury Federal Prison after serving fifteen years for SEC violations, she only wanted to get to Monhegan Island, Maine, as fast as possible to start her new life. Since her junk-bond king ex-husband, Victor Bott, was hiding elsewhere in the world with $350 million, the simple life as a crew member on a lobster boat with her devoted college boyfriend, Rustin Pierce, had a most idyllic appeal. However, as soon as she disembarked from the Coast Guard helicopter, things began to fall apart. The choices she made in the past were coming back to haunt her, and those she constructs on the island make Thalia’s Release out of the question.

Coming 2013