The Revelation of the Sage
Jenna Glynn Ghost Story Book 6

The Revelation of the Sage
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The final Jenna Glynn Ghost Story... maybe. The Red River Valley, and specifically Carpenter’s Bluff, is a repository of spirits from the Old West. The tragic souls of the Cherokee Nation from the infamous Trail of Tears as well as famous outlaws who avoided capture on Reservation land confront the ghost-hunting duo, Jenna Glynn and Gash Peavy.

But the former rock star is in no shape to confront these angry spirits as he recovers from his past addictions. Jenna is in no shape to confront Peavy’s fall from the wagon. He and Glynn family limo driver, Joey, take the motor home to the Red River to camp and to clear their heads, but Jenna stows away and brings upon them the great day of reckoning spoken of by the tribes through the appearance of a Cherokee Sage. What the ghost-hunters learn about the wrongs of the past and about themselves and their relationship will change their lives forever.

ISBN 978-0-9857393-6-8

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