The Dinner Ghosts: The Haunting of Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar
Jenna Glynn Ghost Story Book 5

Dinner Ghosts1
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Maybe channeling ghosts is starting to take its toll on recovering substance abuser, Clarence “Gash” Peavy, especially after the painful visions he had experienced with ghost-hunting partner Jenna Glynn at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

At Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, the visions are not likely to go away in one of the most actively haunted locations on the Dallas landscape. Gash and Jenna are trapped inside the gorgeously appointed and popular grill with a twitchy cameraman to confront the spirits of a man, a woman, and numerous children. The mischievous young spirits were once buried beneath the long-standing bar and the Granada Theater next door in a dedicated children’s cemetery around the turn of the twentieth century.

Speaking with spirits and channeling ghosts carry a tremendous responsibility to those disembodied souls to whom Gash, the musician, and Jenna, the journalist, reach out. No one realizes this more than they do as they use music and psychology to wrestle the destructive specters out of the mind and body of their young crew member. The emotional impact of the events inside Snuffer’s sends Gash into a swan dive off the wagon.

ISBN 978-0-9857393-1-7

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