The Strange Goings-On at White Rock Lake
Jenna Glynn Ghost Story Book 3

White Rock Lake1
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The promising reality star, Jenna Glynn, is feeling both grateful and guilty about hijacking the paranormal skills of her reluctant sidekick, the once-famous rocker Gash Peavy, at City Tavern and at the grand Adolphus Hotel. To show her gratitude, as well as pressure him into the next ghost-hunting episode in her spec TV series, Celebrities Haunt Dallas, Jenna throws Gash a come-back concert at the Corinthian Sailing Club of White Rock Lake.

Even though the civic resort has decades of paranormal sightings of the mysterious and alluring Lady of the Lake, Jenna seeks to shush any ghost talk for fear it will send Gash packing. Gash finds the concert location ostentatious, and decides to throw his own concert at nearby Flag Pole Hill following her concert at the lake. He enlists the aid of Glynn family staff members, Joey the limo driver and Yoshio the groundskeeper, as well as psychiatrist Dr. Angus Glynn.

The result is a spooky comedy of errors that creates an even more awkward and unrequited relationship than the two had suffered in The Ghost of City Tavern and The Spirit of the Old Hotel, and propels the two reluctant partners into further ghostly adventures.

ISBN 978-0-9836337-6-1

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